Update: It’s Been a While

I haven’t been updating as frequently as I had hoped I would. The last week has been one of illness, first for my wife and now for me, and death. I’ve had two members of my family pass away. As a result, I haven’t done near what I wanted to promote my new sweet Sapphic paranormal romance, Petals on the Page.

The official release is 21 June, but presale begins on 14 June (if not earlier!).

I’ll be returning to talking about It Hungers and the upcoming Crossroad Blues shortly. As I’m super excited for both of these books.

I’ve also started writing a series of dark, pseudo-Victorian/slightly Steampunk erotic retellings of Grimm Fairy Tales, which I’ll release from time to time.

That said, my main writing focus will be The Adventures of Sam Hain, and I will be returning to writing that series shortly. Lots of exciting things are head for her.

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