Carmilla’s Ghost: One Year’s Retrospective

This will be a brief post. Yes, I’m still waiting to hear back from Amazon as to why the paperback edition of Crossroad Blues is not available on their website outside of third-party sellers when the paperback is available at all other online booksellers. That said, let’s talk about something more fun by taking a […]

Update: It’s Been a While

I haven’t been updating as frequently as I had hoped I would. The last week has been one of illness, first for my wife and now for me, and death. I’ve had two members of my family pass away. As a result, I haven’t done near what I wanted to promote my new sweet Sapphic […]

Romance Update: Release Date

It’s been one heck of a week, and it’s only Thursday. With the weekend coming up, I wanted to give what will be the final update on the novel formerly referred to as The Romance Novel Project. The novel is completed, and it will be released on 21 June. As a reminder, this is a […]

Romance Update: Drafted!

I know it’s been a week since I promised an update, but things have been moving fast for me. My new job started on Monday, and it’s leaving me with so much more physical and emotional energy at the end of the day. I haven’t had much to do, as no clients have been assigned […]

Romance Update: Trope Announcement

After a slow two weeks, progress on The Romance Novel Project has resumed. Progress is steady; although, it’s not as fast as I would like it to be. That said, this post serves to announce the primary romance trope that will underscore and direct the action. I’ve struggled with this defining trope’s identification, because the […]

Romance Update: Edit as I Go

Time for the weekend update on The Romance Novel Project. Since I missed my Thursday post due to work-induced exhaustion, I’m going to combine them in this one. The short and sweet of it is that I believe I’ve figured out how to fix my conundrum of fearing that I need to switch the roles […]

Romance Update: AAAARGH!

I do apologize for the melodramatic title, but that sums up my feelings at present. I’ve moved beyond the “Adhesion” beat, and we’re moving through the blossoming of romance that ends with the next pinch point/plot twist. That sounds great. I’m about 60% through the first draft. That also sounds great. So why am I […]

Carmilla’s Ghost: That Time I Accidentally Wrote Erotica

In November, I released Carmilla’s Ghost, the second book in my main book series, The Adventures of Sam Hain. As I have repeatedly asserted in previous posts, I conceived of the novel as an urban fantasy murder mystery with a gothic romance subplot. The following image is how I marketed the novel. Now, I have […]

Romance Update: Changing Roles?

So, here’s another weekly update on the cheesy paranormal romance novel I’m writing. Again, this novel is to take a break from the dark urban fantasy series The Adventures of Sam Hain. I’ve finished Act I, and I’m about to shake things up and propel the novel into Act II. Of course, now would be […]

Romance Update: Meet Cute

As I’ve previously mentioned here and on social media, since I have found myself way ahead of schedule in drafting my main urban fantasy/paranormal thriller series, The Adventures of Sam Hain, I have decided to take a break from the darkness surrounding her future and write a fluffy, sweet paranormal romance. Yes, a vampire is […]