The Magician’s Child: First Excerpt

Over the weekend, I posted the first line from my upcoming urban fantasy novel, The Magician’s Child. Today, I’m going to post the first excerpt. This excerpt, which opens the novel, contains fairly major spoilers for my previous novel, Crossroad Blues. So, if you haven’t read that, please read it before you read this excerpt.

Covering the Basics: The Magician’s Child

With the latest Sam Hain novel, The Magician’s Child, releasing on 11 April of this year, I wanted to spend some time talking about some of the interesting things I’ve done with this book. For this post, I’m going to talk about the book’s cover, because it demonstrates a slight but significant break in my […]

Writing Goals 2023

Welcome to 2023! As has been my custom, I use the first blog post of the year to reflect on the previous year and set my goals for the coming year. So, we’re going to talk about where 2022 brought me and where 2023 will take me. 2022: A Year in Review Overall, the last […]

Crossroad Blues, Excerpt 1: A Letter Arrives

This post contains the first excerpt from my upcoming novel, Crossroad Blues. This snippet occurs later in the book, when Sam and Destiny are at the office. Thursdays were quiet days around the office, unless it was a full moon that day. Since today wasn’t a full moon, I enjoyed a peaceful morning sitting at […]

Writing Music: Crossroad Blues Inspiration

Usually, I listen to dark, somber instrumental music when I write. It’s always been my thing, since if music has lyrics, I find myself dancing and singing instead of working. However, for Crossroad Blues, I actually made a playlist on Spotify. For this book, I actually felt the need for a soundtrack of sorts, mainly because […]

What’s a Title: Crossroad Blues

I’ve been thinking about what to post for a while, and it hit me: I’ve never really discussed how I came up with my book titles. I may start going back and doing so with previous titles, but let’s start with my upcoming release, Crossroad Blues (Release Date: 25 October, Preorder is live!) Crossroad Blues […]

News and Updates 26 August 2022

It’s been a few months since I last updated. Yeah, I know it’s been a while. Work picked up with the new job, and then with the way this country and the world has been spiraling into a dumpster, my mental health has not been in the best place. Things are starting to get better […]

Update: It’s Been a While

I haven’t been updating as frequently as I had hoped I would. The last week has been one of illness, first for my wife and now for me, and death. I’ve had two members of my family pass away. As a result, I haven’t done near what I wanted to promote my new sweet Sapphic […]

Mid-May Update

I haven’t blogged much this week, as the end of the semester approaches. It’s always hectic, as final exams mean a lot of grading that must be done quickly. My grades are in, and this semester is in the books. This will also be my last semester teaching, as I am moving into consulting. This […]

It Hungers: When Writing Trauma Gets Personal

I’ve been thinking about whether or not to share this post, because it is a personal post. It Hungers hit shelves on Tuesday, and I’m really proud of this book. I’ve talked at length about how this book takes the series in the direction I originally wanted it to go and how I needed to […]