Romance Update: Trope Announcement

After a slow two weeks, progress on The Romance Novel Project has resumed. Progress is steady; although, it’s not as fast as I would like it to be. That said, this post serves to announce the primary romance trope that will underscore and direct the action.

I’ve struggled with this defining trope’s identification, because the common tropes (that I knew were actual tropes) didn’t fit. The Main Character and the Love Interest aren’t really “enemies” or “rivals,” so it wouldn’t be an “enemies to lovers,” even though it may feel like it at one point. They weren’t friends who, after years of close proximity, realized their feelings for each other, so no “friends to lovers.” There was no “forced marriage” or “marriage of convenience” or anything similar. I was stumped beyond the general statement of “disaster Sapphic romance.”

And then I spent some time browsing AO3, looking at Supernatural and Buffy fanfiction, and then one of the trope categories stuck out to me: idiots to lovers. So, I read a few fics in the category and realized, that’s what I was writing.

For those who are unfamiliar, an “idiots to lovers” plot revolves around both parties being oblivious to both the other person’s interest in them and their own feelings toward the other person. And, honestly, that summarizes Sapphic romance in real life as well. All the “did she say I was pretty in the girl way or in the gay way?” questions as well as the “she was just being nice when she said that” statements. I like idiots to lovers because it feels realistic. Also, as a reader, I enjoy the feeling of “I knew they’d get together, once they listened to me and stopped being idiots” (while ignoring that I’m no different in my own dating life.

So, now when I discuss this project, I can say that I am writing a Sapphic idiots to lovers paranormal romance. And I like that.

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