Romance Update: Drafted!

I know it’s been a week since I promised an update, but things have been moving fast for me. My new job started on Monday, and it’s leaving me with so much more physical and emotional energy at the end of the day. I haven’t had much to do, as no clients have been assigned to me yet, which has given me time to work on other things during the slow training days. So, let’s talk about the progress with The Romance Novel Project.

It’s been drafted! I have completed the first draft this morning. I was planning on this being a 45,000 word novella/novellette, but it became a 68,000 word novel. I’m happy with the overall development of the story, but it does need editing and revising. Those are my next steps. Then, it’s off to the beta readers.

I’m working with a new cover designer, so we will see how that turns out. This cover will be in a different style than the ones I choose for my main series. My goal is for the look, feel, and writing style to be different. Readers of both will be able to judge for themselves.

I’ve talked in general about the subject matter and content of this book, but I want to reiterate that this is a PG-rated contemporary, sapphic, paranormal romance. There will be no sex and no real spicy content. If you want spice, both Blood/Lust and Carmilla’s Ghost have spicy content. As I’ve mentioned previously, The Adventures of Sam Hain took a needed turn to the darker side, and this is a palate cleanser for me. It was a challenge that I enjoyed and will probably do again.

What’s the book about? What’s it called? Let’s get into that.

The title is Petals on the Page. It is a contemporary sapphic paranormal romance. It’s meant to be a sweet romantic comedy and incorporates the tropes of idiots to lovers (disaster lesbian/disaster bisexual), enemies to lovers, and some mild hurt/comfort.

Now, let’s look at the book blurb:

Laura Trescothick is a vampire who writes cozy mysteries as Sonya Parkes. She just went indie after decades with a single publisher, but the creative control that comes with independence leaves her with little time to meet new people. With the release of her newest novel, Queen of Bleeding Hearts, she’s set up for a book signing at a local, independent bookstore run by her ex-girlfriend.

Ali Hopkins comes from a long line of witch and monster hunters, a legacy she wants no part of. Cursed by a witch to transform into a beast that will stalk and kill her family on the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday. With two weeks before the fated event, she learns of an elixir that might break the curse and make her family proud of her. But there’s a catch! The one man who claims to know the formula demands Ali kill a vampire for him.

When Laura and Ali accidentally bump into each other at the Sonya Parkes book signing, books and sparks fly. But when each learns the other’s identity, will Laura see Ali as anything beyond a threat? Will her feelings even matter to Ali once she learns of Laura’s true nature?

I’m expecting a summer release, possibly mid-to-late June. Since the tone is markedly different from my main work, I’ll be releasing it under the pen name R.S. Parker.

Also, if you want autographed copies of my novels, head over to the Books page to find the links to ordering them!

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