Release Day: It Hungers

The third novel in The Adventures of Sam Hain releases today on Amazon (wider release coming within two months). It Hungers brings the series into a darker place as our heroine races to find and save missing children as well as her client’s partner, a gorgon sculptor accused to kidnapping the children and turning them into statues. As these statues turn up around Butcher’s Bend, fragments of a mysterious poem appear that harken to the city’s dark past.

Will Sam be able to save the children as darkness rises? Because, as it rises, it hungers.

Author’s Note: While this is Book 3 in the Adventures of Sam Hain series, like Liam’s Doom and Carmilla’s Ghost, it can be read as a standalone novel.

Content Warning: This book depicts mental illness, graphic violence, and infers murder and cannibalism.

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