Let’s Talk Character

Characters. We know them. We love them. We love to hate them. Sometimes, we just flat out hate them. Some are dynamic, and some are flat. Characters are the central actors in any work of fiction. And I would dare to say that even in plot-driven novels, good characters make the difference between a good […]

Mindless Gaming: My Key to Removing Creative Blocks

First and foremost: It Hungers is available for pre-sale in paperback form on Amazon.com! So, this is an unofficial update on The Romance Novel Project where I talk about one of the dreaded aspects of any creative endeavor: creator block. Yes, I’ve talked about Writer’s Block before, but now I’m going to talk about one […]

Romance Update: Edit as I Go

Time for the weekend update on The Romance Novel Project. Since I missed my Thursday post due to work-induced exhaustion, I’m going to combine them in this one. The short and sweet of it is that I believe I’ve figured out how to fix my conundrum of fearing that I need to switch the roles […]

Writing Darkness

So, I’ve been away for a few weeks. Between end of semester duties, the flu, a sinus infection, and my partner being sick, I’ve felt too drained to do much of anything. I wasn’t blocked. I had plenty to say, and I’m making good progress on my current WIP, Stone Cold. And writing that book […]

Writing Advice: Do Your Research

One of the most underrated parts of writing fiction is background research. While some may say that a writer should only “write what they know,” research is what expands the writer’s repository of knowledge, thus allowing them to write on more subjects with confidence. When I was in graduate school, research was an essential step […]

Writing Advice: Finding Inspiration

A frequent question writers and other creatives receive is “Where do you find inspiration?” Often, the querent wants to know the inspiration for a particular work. And that’s fair. I’ll be talking a little bit about that in this post, specifically with my current work in progress, Crossroad Blues. But today, I want to talk […]

Creating Characters: Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws

Let’s talk about characters today. We all know that we generally want our major characters to be fleshed out, round people. For those uncertain, I define major characters as the recurring characters whose attitudes and actions have a major impact on the narrative. These include the protagonist(s), sidekicks, mentors, love interests, antagonists, and villains. Minor, […]

Writing Advice: Write Every Day or Work Every Day?

I know I’ve talked about the idea that a writer should write every day before, and my opinion still falls into the “some days you just can’t get the words on the page” camp. And again, that’s not because of writer’s block. It can be, sure, but the cause can also be illness, exhaustion, family […]

The Gothic: Horror or Mystery?

It’s been a rough week for us here, as our oldest cat, Lena Bell, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was seventeen, a full-tilt diva, and my snuggle buddy. She curled up next to me while I drafted Carmilla’s Ghost, which I am currently editing. And it’s that editing process that got me thinking about […]

Size Matters: Word Count

Last week, I stated that I would not edit Carmilla’s Ghost until after Christmas. Sadly, that lasted for about three days before I reread the manuscript and made plans for the edits. So technically, I still haven’t edited the text, but I have reviewed and thought about what I’m going to do. I have spent […]