Full moons bring out the dangers, and for private investigator Sam Hain, that means a supernatural creature has run afoul of the Veil Watchers, a government organization dedicated to preventing humans from knowing they share a world with supernatural creatures by any means necessary. As her birthday nears, an evasive redcap asks seeks her aid for a banshee whom a young woman filmed singing her warning of doom and then uploaded the video to social media. As the video went viral, teams of amateur ghost hunters descended upon the sleepy Irish village of Bannagh.

Now the banshee, the young woman who discovered her, and numerous ghost hunters are in danger from the Veil Watchers and from ancient evils and shadowy forces alluded to in the banshee’s song. With only four days before Veil Watcher Michael Cormack arrives to preserve the secret through a shoot-first policy, Sam has little time for error if she is to protect everyone from overzealous Watcher Michael Cormack, known for his scorched earth approach to keeping the secret safe. And as ancient evils rise and threaten the living, Sam’s resolve to protect the lives of all involved will be tested as she unravels the mystery of Liam’s doom.

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After her difficult confrontation against the demonic entity Zozo, private investigator Sam Hain travels to Austria to spend Christmas with her friend and former lover, the vampire Countess Carmilla Karnstein. ​ ​

When a string of vampiric murders and the arrival of an unfriendly figure from Carmilla’s past threaten their peaceful holiday, Sam finds herself torn between love and duty as she contends with the rage of vengeful ghosts.

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Sam Hain’s life has been good over the past few months.

And then Craig Wellington enters on the full moon, telling the tale of losing a fist fight and owing his soul to a Man in Black, perhaps the Devil, at a crossroads south of town.

During this time, Nick Scratch calls in Sam’s blank check, tasking her to return the escaped soul of a powerful magician to Hell by St. John’s Night or take his place.

When the Devil comes to claim his due, who will be singing the Crossroad Blues?

Coming Spring 2022

Cover not finalized