News and Updates 26 August 2022

It’s been a few months since I last updated. Yeah, I know it’s been a while. Work picked up with the new job, and then with the way this country and the world has been spiraling into a dumpster, my mental health has not been in the best place. Things are starting to get better […]

Fundraising Livestream Tonight

Join us tonight as we play Dungeons & Dragons as part of The Hypegoblin’s mission to raise money for the Trevor Project. We will be playing the animal companions of a group of adventurers, and our task is to clean up the mess left by them so they don’t get in more trouble. Adorable hijinks […]

Update: It’s Been a While

I haven’t been updating as frequently as I had hoped I would. The last week has been one of illness, first for my wife and now for me, and death. I’ve had two members of my family pass away. As a result, I haven’t done near what I wanted to promote my new sweet Sapphic […]

Trope Talk: Found Family

Happy Pride Month! One of my biggest writing goals is realistic representation of the LGBTQIA+ experience. As such, I want to start Pride Month with a brief discussion of a trope that’s near and dear to all of us: the found family. Sure, anyone who knows speculative fiction and manga/anime is likely familiar with this […]

Romance Update: Drafted!

I know it’s been a week since I promised an update, but things have been moving fast for me. My new job started on Monday, and it’s leaving me with so much more physical and emotional energy at the end of the day. I haven’t had much to do, as no clients have been assigned […]

Mid-May Update

I haven’t blogged much this week, as the end of the semester approaches. It’s always hectic, as final exams mean a lot of grading that must be done quickly. My grades are in, and this semester is in the books. This will also be my last semester teaching, as I am moving into consulting. This […]

Romance Update: Trope Announcement

After a slow two weeks, progress on The Romance Novel Project has resumed. Progress is steady; although, it’s not as fast as I would like it to be. That said, this post serves to announce the primary romance trope that will underscore and direct the action. I’ve struggled with this defining trope’s identification, because the […]

Release Day: It Hungers

The third novel in The Adventures of Sam Hain releases today on Amazon (wider release coming within two months). It Hungers brings the series into a darker place as our heroine races to find and save missing children as well as her client’s partner, a gorgon sculptor accused to kidnapping the children and turning them […]

Release Day Livestream!

The livestream will be on my official Facebook page at 7 pm. Central US time. We’re planning on being live for between an hour and an hour-and-a-half, but we may go longer if there’s discussion and questions to answer. Remember: All eBooks are free to read on Kindle Unlimited. If you like them, please consider […]

Mindless Gaming: My Key to Removing Creative Blocks

First and foremost: It Hungers is available for pre-sale in paperback form on! So, this is an unofficial update on The Romance Novel Project where I talk about one of the dreaded aspects of any creative endeavor: creator block. Yes, I’ve talked about Writer’s Block before, but now I’m going to talk about one […]