Fundraising Livestream Tonight

Join us tonight as we play Dungeons & Dragons as part of The Hypegoblin’s mission to raise money for the Trevor Project. We will be playing the animal companions of a group of adventurers, and our task is to clean up the mess left by them so they don’t get in more trouble. Adorable hijinks will ensue!

As a reminder, during the month of June, all royalties I earn are given to the Trevor Project as well. That includes paperbacks, ebooks, and page reads through Kindle Unlimited.

At a time when homophobia and transphobia are on the rise and are being legalized in many states in this country, I can’t express the importance of those working to prevent LGBTQIA+ teens alive, helping them emerge from the darkness of suicidal thoughts. Please, even if you don’t watch the stream or buy my books, please consider donating.