Romance Update: Release Date

It’s been one heck of a week, and it’s only Thursday. With the weekend coming up, I wanted to give what will be the final update on the novel formerly referred to as The Romance Novel Project. The novel is completed, and it will be released on 21 June. As a reminder, this is a sweet, contemporary, sapphic, paranormal romance. Yes, that’s a lot of adjectives, but I want to make that clear from the beginning.

This novel, which is officially named Petals on the Page, will contain no sex, and I set myself a firm PG rating. There is some mild swearing and one scene of violence. This is a cute, fluffy romantic comedy designed for those who want light, fast reading in the vein of a Hallmark or Lifetime movie…but with sapphic romance.

You can preorder the ebook on Paperback pre-sale will begin on 14 June.

I know a list of the tropes doesn’t tell much about the book, so here’s the blurb:

Laura Trescothick is a vampire who writes cozy mysteries as Sonya Parkes. She just went indie after decades with a single publisher, but the creative control that comes with independence leaves her with little time to meet new people. With the release of her newest novel, Queen of Bleeding Hearts, she’s set up for a book signing at a local, independent bookstore run by her ex-girlfriend.

Ali Hopkins comes from a long line of witch and monster hunters, a legacy she wants no part of. Cursed by a witch to transform into a beast that will stalk and kill her family on the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday. With two weeks before the fated event, she learns of an elixir that might break the curse and make her family proud of her. But there’s a catch! The one man who claims to know the formula demands Ali kill a vampire for him.

When Laura and Ali accidentally bump into each other at the Sonya Parkes book signing, books and sparks fly. But when each learns the other’s identity, will Laura see Ali as anything beyond a threat? Will her feelings even matter to Ali once she learns of Laura’s true nature?


And for those who want something darker and spicier, I offer my main series, The Adventures of Sam Hain.