Carmilla’s Ghost: Free this Weekend on Kindle!

With the release of It Hungers on May 3rd, I’m offering my novel Carmilla’s Ghost free for anyone with a Kindle this weekend. While all of my books work as standalone reads, those following The Adventures of Sam Hain will recognize this as the book that immediately precedes It Hungers in the series.

From the book’s synopsis:

After her difficult confrontation against the demonic entity Zozo, private investigator Sam Hain travels to Austria to spend Christmas with her friend and former lover, the vampire Countess Carmilla Karnstein. ​ ​

When a string of vampiric murders and the arrival of an unfriendly figure from Carmilla’s past threaten their peaceful holiday, Sam finds herself torn between love and duty as she contends with the rage of vengeful ghosts.

And yes, this is the book I mentioned earlier when I discussed how I accidentally wrote an erotic novel. So, if you want to laugh at my plight on that front (or if you enjoy lesbian tease and denial…) this is the book for you!

Carmilla’s Ghost is not simply a romance novel. It includes both a string of murders and a nearly-two centuries’ old conspiracy that demand solving so that the vengeful, unhappy ghosts can be put to rest.

So, if you’re a fan of holiday romances, murder mysteries, conspiracies, vampires, lesbians, romances, or urban fantasy novels in general, Carmilla’s Ghost has something to offer you.

Content Warning: This book contains references to torture, abuse, murder, and sexual assault.