Liam’s Doom: Free on Kindle!

This is a general weekend update to let everyone know that my debut novel, Liam’s Doom, is free on Kindle through 5 April! For those who came to the series with Carmilla’s Ghost, this is where everything started. Fans of Irish folklore, sarcasm, bad puns, dark themes, and paranormal mysteries will all find something in my work.

And if you enjoy it, please leave a review!

Also, as a general update for the week, things have been hectic. I’ve accepted a new position that will allow me to work from home full-time, helping others conduct dissertation research. I’m hoping that the new job will alleviate most of the stress and mental anguish I’ve been under (maybe I’ll be nicer to Sam and Destiny as a result), allowing me to be more engaged on social media. Perhaps my output as a writer will be more prolific. We shall see.