Rainy Day Writing

A serious thunderstorm is heading our way. As a result, school has gone virtual. I’ve given my students activities to complete, and I check email periodically. As the rain nears, the barometric pressure drops, and a gentle, cool calm fills the air. I know the storm will be a beast, as heavy rainfall and tornadoes form within it; however, right now, I find myself at peace, sitting in my office, looking out the window, and working on The Romance Novel Project.

Rainy days are my favorite days to write. I try to write every day, but sometimes life intrudes. But when I have a day to sit and write while raindrops provide gentle (or not-so-gentle) accompaniment, I smile. I love rainy days when I don’t have to drive in them. As a child, my favorite days were rainy days, because I could curl up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa and just immerse myself in a new world.

Now, as a writer, I get to curl up with my own work in progress, sip my coffee (or wine), and immerse myself in a new world that I am creating to share with others. There is pleasure in that feeling, a calming pleasure that can’t be matched by anything. At least not for me.

Writers, what’s your favorite weather to write in?

Promotional Hype

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