Romance Update: AAAARGH!

I do apologize for the melodramatic title, but that sums up my feelings at present. I’ve moved beyond the “Adhesion” beat, and we’re moving through the blossoming of romance that ends with the next pinch point/plot twist. That sounds great. I’m about 60% through the first draft. That also sounds great. So why am I screaming at my computer?

Well, the first reason is that I’m still contemplating switching roles between the Main Character and the Love Interest. The characters are fulfilling their roles properly, but I’m finding the personal character arc for the Love Interest far more engaging. Most advice blogs and books I’ve seen on writing romances say that Love Interest is the one who must “save” the main character (often three times), and I’m giving the LI the opportunity to save her at least once or twice, but I also want the MC to “save herself” near the end so they can both move forward to help each other. Maybe it’s that my romantic fantasy isn’t about having a savior but about having a partner and providing mutual help when needed. Like I’m starting to think about the Adhesion beat, maybe my struggles come from how the structure of this genre is discussed in the professional and academic literature.

This might have something to do with the almost role-reversal in Carmilla’s Ghost. Samantha Hain is the MC, but she takes the role of the “savior” for her LI, Carmilla Karnstein, saving her three times. That’s what multiple experts on structuring a romance say the LI is supposed to do. Since the only time I’ve ever written a romance, I subverted the structure/trope, that might be why this is frustrating to me. To me, it feels backwards, but we’ll see how it plays to the beta readers.

I know why this bothers me. This book was supposed to be a palate cleanser after the extremely dark nature of It Hungers and Crossroad Blues. The fact that I’m hyperfixating on what may/not be an issue means my brain won’t let me relax and enjoy the cute, PG-rated romance. And that frustrates me, because otherwise, I’m enjoying writing this story. Will I return to Sam’s adventures after this, yes. Will I ever write another romance again? Probably, but we’ll see.

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