Romance Update: Adhesion

It’s time for the Weekend Romance Novel Update. As many of you know, I’ve been working on a fluffy paranormal romance as a palate cleanser after drafting two dark novels in the Adventures of Sam Hain series. I’m almost halfway through the first draft, and progress has slowed a bit. Not because I’m lost in the story, but because I’m at that beat that requires all those tropes of romances that I roll my eyes at: the Adhesion Beat.

I’ve blogged about Adhesion before, so I won’t go into too much detail about it, but this is the part of any romance narrative where my eyes roll out of my head. “Oh, no! There’s a freak blizzard barreling through southern Louisiana in June! That never happens, so I guess we’ll have to split the one, single-bed room in this roadside motel. It’s only for survival. Honest.” Yes, that’s a hyperbole, but the point is clear. Something happens that forces the romantic leads together so they (hopefully) recognize their chemistry and begin having regular interactions that range from the sweet to the spicy.

And knowing that this part was coming up, I sort of blanked. I blanked during the brainstorming and planning phase. I didn’t want some cliche drivel. I wanted something that felt true to experience and life. I get that romances are fantasies, but even fantasies need to have an internal logic for suspension of disbelief.

And I thought about my relationship to my wonderful wife, Nixie. We didn’t have this “adhesion moment. We were never “forced” into a situation where we had to be together. I don’t know of any couple who has had that situation. And so, I struggled to find a way to bring them together that would hit the needs of the trope and be believable for those who want an internal logic. I think I found it, and I hope it comes across as cute and natural to my readers as I intend.

We’ll see!

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2 thoughts on “Romance Update: Adhesion

  1. I’d never considered it before, but now you point it out, I don’t think I know of any real life couples that have had an ‘adhesion’ moment either! It’s definitely a challenge to write that kind of thing in a believable way for the world, but I think when it’s done well it can be one of the most exciting or sweet parts of a romance story! : )


    • I think I wouldn’t have a problem with it as much if, well, the tropes weren’t so often far-fetched or highly improbable situations. Or, as I’m starting to think as I look back over the theory books, maybe it’s how we describe the beat itself that needs changing. But I agree, if done well, it can be sweet.

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