Pre-Orders for “It Hungers” are Live!

It Hungers, the third novel in The Adventures of Sam Hain hits shelves on May 3rd of this year. As the series has gotten darker, a few other changes have taken place as well. One impacts pre-ordering. Due to the dark nature in the novel, my current distributor has decided they will not distribute this novel through their network of outlets. This is their choice, but it does mean that pre-orders and sales will be handled differently.


Pre-Orders for the eBook version will be available through Amazon will be the only place my eBooks are distributed.

Pre-Orders for the paperback will be handled via this website. I will be handling the paperback pre-orders, and if all goes well, those will begin shipping on the first of May. All paperbacks pre-ordered will be autographed. You can find a link to the paperback pre-orders here. Be advised they may take longer to reach you than if you order from Amazon on 3 May.


I will continue to sell my paperbacks through my website, offering signed copies to anyone. Sales of It Hungers will primarily be through, but I will also pitch the paperback to other distributors, hoping they pick up the book. I will update you as that progresses.

Promotional Hype

My debut novel, Liam’s Doom, is on sale at all major and minor retail outlets from Amazon to Barnes & Noble to I request that you support, as their site supports local and independent bookstores. The eBook is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through my webstore.

Carmilla’s Ghost is now on sale. The paperback version is available all major online retailers, including and at Barnes & Noble. Currently, eBook pre-orders are only available at Amazon and through my webstore.

It Hungers (formerly Stone Cold), the third book in the series is currently available for pre-order as an ebook on Amazon. Paperback preorders go through my website and will all be autographed! The book will officially release on 3 May 2022.

My prequel novel, Blood/Lust is also available as an Amazon exclusive.