How did I get Ahead of Schedule?

Okay, this is a blog post I never thought I would write. I am ahead of schedule. At work? No, not hardly. I’m treading water and keeping things on track there. But with It Hungers back from the editor and preorders going live on Monday and with Crossroad Blues already drafted, I’m way ahead of schedule as a writer. My main series is coming into its own, and I’m going to enjoy seeing its direction. So, given that I release one book in that series roughly every eight months, I’ve got a LOT of time on my hands.

Am I going to relax? No. I don’t know how to do that. I wrote Blood/Lust as a distraction because of free time. I will play some video games. I may even purchase a new console. However, I have a couple of projects in the works, and I’m going to go over them.

Writing Projects

I’ve got two works in progress that I flip between as the mood strikes me. One is an urban fantasy story for “New Adults” set in Butcher’s Bend. It follows a college student at James Roanoke State University as she deals with life, love, and supernatural creatures. I’m thinking it will be a novella, but I’m not sure. I’m finding the protagonist’s perspective a challenge to write.

Also, I’ve got a completely different writing project that is in no way connected to Sam Hain’s world. It’s also light and hopefully fluffy, but it also features vampires. I like vampires. I’m not saying too much about it, but it’s a little different in writing style, and I find it easier to write. And it’s so cathartic and enjoyable.

Streaming Projects

I’m also thinking about a few livestreams in the near future. I really want to do a live writing session where my audience helps me brainstorm a collective story that I will then write. I’ll upload the story piece by piece to my website. I’m also toying with the idea of doing this as a charity fundraiser, allowing viewers to donate to a charity for either a chance or a guarantee of being able to affect the story through their suggestions. I like the challenge of creating a story from unknown suggestions, and I love the idea that I could perhaps do something good for someone else in the process. I just need to research the logistics on making this work.

I’m also considering running and streaming a 4-5 session Vampire: the Masquerade chronicle set in Butcher’s Bend that would lead up to It Hungers‘ release. I’ve got some story ideas, and I can find players. I just need to decide if I will have time to commit to the project.

If anyone has any interest in any of these projects, let me know!