10 Facts about Robin

Since I’ve gotten some new followers, and since I’ve been getting a lot of new views, I thought I’d take the chance to say hello by letting people get to know a bit about myself. So, in this blog post, we present 10 Facts about Robin.

  1. I drink a LOT of coffee. Coffee is probably my favorite beverage. I average about 54 fluid ounces of coffee per day. I drink it to wake up. I drink it to stay calm. I drink it to calm down and to relax. I drink my coffee black and hot (one exception is that when fall hits, I buy ONE Pumpkin Spice Latte per year); as such, I am extremely picky about the flavor and quality of my coffee. Some of my favorite coffee roasters are PJ’s Coffee (a local chain of coffee roasters and shops), Death Wish Coffee, and Raven’s Brew Coffee. (This post is not sponsored, but if they ever wish to sponsor me…)
  2. I have ADHD. When I was six, my pediatrician wanted me tested for the condition, but my father believed discipline was all that I needed. He felt vindicated, as I was a good student. I got good grades, and I didn’t get in trouble (mainly because when I finished my work, I simply pulled out a book and read). He didn’t see me struggle in grad school and in life once I left home, and after I finished my dissertation, I finally got my diagnosis. Treatment and medication have helped, but I still struggle.
  3. I write using a pen name. At present, Robin Schadel isn’t my real name. I am considering legally changing it to that, but I haven’t decided on that yet. I chose the pen name that most people already know me as. I’ve used this name since I was a regular in the New Orleans goth scene in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. There are old goths in NOLA who will argue that Robin is the only name that fits me. The name is a play on the German for “raven’s skull,” an appropriate gothic name.
  4. I don’t just write fiction. My first publication was a piece of academic writing on the performance of gender through cosplay, which I published in the journal of the Southern Anthropological Society while in grad school. I’ve also published pieces on the structure of Beowulf and rhetorical dialectics in environmental activism.
  5. I like creepy things. Yes, I’m a goth, so yes, I like creepy things. From books about monsters to serial killer documentaries, to bones, to blood, all of it. I have jewelry with bones as focal pieces. I love places that look romantically neglected. Walking in cemeteries centers me. I’m easy to shop for: ethically sourced bones, grave rubbings, vampire books/movies/memorabilia, candles, Victorian furniture or furnishings, etc. Heck, anything in the Killstar “Lifestyle” section is a great gift. There is one exception: No creepy dolls.
  6. I also love plushies. I’m a very tactile person, and textures are important to me. Most of my clothing is velvet for that reason, but a good vegan leather piece still gets me going. That said, I collect soft, plush pillows and stuffed animals. Yes, I sleep with them at night. My partner has grown accustomed to my stuffed rabbit, a plush chonky dragon, and a plush Baphomet.
  7. I LOVE vampires. Sure, lots of people say that, but I really love vampires as monsters, as humanized characters, as symbols of sexuality and power, as an aesthetic. Hell, if you read my books, you’ll really get a sense of how much I love vampires, especially pre-20th Century European vampires. Even my side projects feature vampires. And I play one in D&D.
  8. Cursing Raven Books owes its name to D&D. In one of the most memorable campaigns I DMed, “Whisperings in the Darkness,” there was an NPC raven named Ba’al Ti Moray, or Baltimoré or “Balty” for short. He was one of the seven Spirit Ravens for the goddess of death, The Raven Queen. He was sarcastic, bratty, perverted with a heart of gold, and his favorite word was “motherfucker.” When I started writing, I felt it a good way to honor him.
  9. I fall asleep to Creepypastas. Honestly, I know how this sounds to some people. Hell, my wife can’t stand it, so I only do this when she’s out for the evening playing pool or at a concert. I find scary things relaxing, so listening to them helps me settle down and sleep. My poor wife, if she even hears one being read aloud, will stay awake for three days. Opposites attract, right?
  10. My favorite food is steak tartare. That’s true. I love tartare more than anything. Yes, I think it’s delicious, but I also enjoy the looks other people give me for eating raw meat. It’s so decadent. Ironically, I don’t exactly enjoy cooked steak. I’ll eat it when served mid rare, but if I had the choice between steak or any other protein (or even beef preparation), I would choose the other.

There you go. Ten little facts about me to help you get to know me. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask. I may answer in private or I may do so publicly. What would be one fact about you that you would tell someone to help them get to know you?

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