Updates and Current Projects

So, as mentioned previously, It Hungers has been drafted. Now the editing process begins. We’re looking at 3 May for the release date. eBook preorders are live on Amazon, and paperback preorders will go live in a few weeks.

As it stands, I’m ahead of schedule for the main series, having drafted the next book, Crossroad Blues, already. I do need to make minor revisions and edits in light of the events in It Hungers, but for the most part, I have drafted the novels in The Adventures of Sam Hain I plan on releasing in 2022.

So, what am I going to do with my free time? Relax? Ha! Around the summer of last year, I started a story called “Love Bites.” The story takes place in Butcher’s Bend, but it’s from the point-of-view of a college student named Amanda Mathers. I didn’t get far in the drafting when I stopped for whatever reason (I don’t recall). Now, I’m going to give writing the story another shot.

I also may try to work on a contemporary paranormal romance, because I have a line that’s stuck in my head, and I really want to do something with it.

Promotional Hype

My debut novel, Liam’s Doom, is on sale at all major and minor retail outlets from Amazon to Barnes & Noble to Bookshop.org. I request that you support Bookshop.org, as their site supports local and independent bookstores. The eBook is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through my webstore.

Carmilla’s Ghost is now on sale. The paperback version is available all major online retailers, including AmazonBookshop.org and at Barnes & Noble. Currently, eBook pre-orders are only available at Amazon and through my webstore.

It Hungers (formerly Stone Cold), the third book in the series is currently available for preorder as an ebook on Amazon. Paperback preorders will begin in approximately one month (likely earlier)! The book will officially release on 3 May 2022.

My prequel novel, Blood/Lust is also available as an Amazon exclusive.