Update: Stone Cold

It’s been a wild and stressful week for me. With the spring semester starting next week, I’ve spent most of the week in meetings that could have been emails. And I had to replace the alternator on my car. However, I can say that by the end of the weekend, I will have drafted Stone Cold! I’ve been talking about this book, and I’ve shared a couple of excerpts (one more will come!), but I thought I’d give the first draft of the blurb for the book:

A string of kidnappings plagues Butcher’s Bend. When mysterious statues that resemble the missing children turn up at a warehouse once used by a gorgon sculptor to store art and supplies, federal agents grow suspicious.

Lines of a mysterious poem and the growing presence of pain and death link this case to two sets of unsolved crimes in Butcher’s Bend’s history, Sam and Destiny must confront the city’s dark past if they hope to aid their client in proving her partner’s innocence.

As the mystery deepens, will Sam find the perpetrator before too many young lives suffer, or will the trail go stone cold?

I’m super excited to finish this novel and get it out to the public in the late spring. I feel like I’m finally telling the story I’ve been intending to tell since writing Liam’s Doom. While I’m happy I told the stories I’ve told, this novel represents finding my process and my voice in the fullest. It’s a darker story than I though I would tell, but it’s a great story.

As far as genre, Stone Cold blends urban fantasy mystery with paranormal thriller. It’s a blending of everything I have wanted to blend when starting brainstorming the series. There are elements of true crime, of Southern gothic sensibilities that wrestle with the sins of both past and present, queer people and couples being happy, discussions on mental health and other social issues, humor, and heart.

I’ll be talking a lot about the book and its themes on the blog in the coming months as we prepare for its release. And there will be some exciting developments, but I won’t share those until plans are finalized!

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