Holiday Gifts for Writers

It’s that time of year again! As we get our one week of “cold” weather, everyone is planning and plotting to send gifts of friends and family. I realize this post may be a bit late, but between the end of a stressful semester, illness, and holiday insanity, I’m moving at a slower pace than I’d like. If you have a writer in your life, they can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Trust me, I know, I am a writer who’s notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. So, let’s have a chat about what are some good things to gift writers.

First Off: Resist the Urge to Buy Notebooks

Look, a notebook, especially a really pretty one, is an immediate idea. And since people write in notebooks, it seems a no-brainer to gift a writer a notebook. And writers love notebooks, trust me. We have a box filled with unused notebooks too pretty to use. I have amazing notebooks that I’ve bought for myself and others have given me that will remain unused until I have the “perfect idea” for that notebook.

So, if you gift a writer a notebook, we’ll love it and cherish it forever, but it might remain unused.

What to Gift: Coffee and Teas

Many writers drink either coffee or tea while writing. I love having a pot of coffee near me to sip on and keep myself calm while I work. Until a cat decides to knock my mug onto either my lap or my laptop. Some writers prefer tea to coffee.

Note: Resist the urge to buy “novel”-themed teas or coffees. Not every coffee or tea drinker likes every flavor or variety of coffee or tea.

Instead, buy their favorites. I know for me, I prefer local coffees (Community or PJ’s), Death Wish, and then Bones Coffee. Bones Coffee is the only flavored coffee that tastes natural. As far as teas, my personal recommendation is the rose petal black tea from the Tao of Teas.

Plotting or Editing Software

Do you want to give your writer something to help them in their craft? Plotting and/or editing software is a great option. And there are several options.

I personally recommend and use Plottr for outlining and planning. I find it intuitive and easy to use (except on my new Chromebook, but that’s a different issue.)

Of course, gifting a fun, funny, or interesting coffee mug or teacup along with the coffee is a super neat idea too!

Planning/Editing Software

As far as editing software, I use ProWritingAid, but AutoCrit and Grammarly are good options too. The reason I like having this software is that it helps me get through the first round of edits quickly. ProWritingAid also helps with issues like pacing, keeping character pronouns the consistent, etc. They can be pricey, but they’re a great investment.

Subscription Services

Another great gift for the writer in your life is a subscription to something that will help them relax. I suggest Spotify Premium (also provides music for writing!), Apple Music, and Kindle Unlimited. Buying music and books for anyone can be a challenge, as you don’t always know which albums and books they already own. I sometimes forget which books I’ve already purchased and will buy duplicate copies.

These services allow you to gift them music and reading without having to commit to specific albums or books.

Other Ideas

And if you know writers, we all appreciate comfy pajamas, people who pay a bill for us or buy us some groceries, or someone who pays for a home cleaning service.

May your winter holiday be happy, merry, and holy.

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