NaNoWriMo Update

“Pantsing” is HARD. There. That’s the update. But, honestly, for many pantsing, or writing on the fly and letting the story tell you where it’s going to go, is second nature. It’s not for me, and I’m finding that out more and more. I know many writers with ADHD find pantsing the easier way to write, but I find that I’m the opposite.

The short story collection I’m working on, and the one I’m pantsing, has hit a snag. I have no clue what will, can, or should come next. As a result, writing on it has ground to the trudge of a sorrow-filled snail.

It also doesn’t help this project that I’m getting excited about the book that I’m tentatively titling Stone Cold, which I have plotted in detail. Yes, I wanted a break from my main series; however, this story contains an idea I’ve been mulling about for over a year, and my excitement to tell this story just grows each time I think about it. And yes, I stated that I would finish this short story, if not the collection, first, but I may have to try to work on both simultaneously. I can’t explain why this excites me so much without giving away spoilers.

But I’m still writing. That’s my update.

Promotional Hype

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