Release Day! Carmilla’s Ghost

Carmilla’s Ghost hits virtual (and hopefully) physical shelves today! Today took far too long and came too fast for me to feel ready for it, but here it is. So if you or someone you love is in the market for a dark holiday Gothic romance with lesbians, vampires, and a murder mystery, give it a read. And remember to join us for our live Q&A tonight at 8:30 Central on YouTube.

While I’ll be answering questions live tonight, I thought I’d take this time for a brief post to address a few things that might concern potential readers:

Do I have to read the first book, Liam’s Doom, to understand Carmilla’s Ghost?

No. While these books are sequential as part of a larger series, both books are mostly self-contained. Do the events from Liam’s Doom have bearing on and help explain certain events in Carmilla’s Ghost? Yes. However, I wrote the novel in such a way as to stand on its own. Internal explanations will provide a general sense of what happened previously, but 93% of the content is focused on the events in the novel itself. Reading Liam’s Doom will help with some aspects of characterization, growth, and a few minor plot points (and I would certainly love for you to read it as well!), but for those who want a romance and a mystery that can stand alone, Carmilla’s Ghost can fulfill that need.

How dark is this “dark holiday Gothic romance?”

In and of itself, it’s not terribly dark. There are references to sexual assault, abuse, and torture in diary entries throughout the novel. However, these events are not described in lurid detail. They are presented from the point-of-view of a character who felt compelled to record what happened to them but had no desire to dwell on the details.

Why are your books shorter than the average urban fantasy novel?

My books are designed to be read in a weekend. Think of them as episodes of a television serial, such as Supernatural. As an adult with both a full-time job (teaching) and a family, finishing thick novels (450-600 pages) can be daunting due to time constraints alone. Additionally, as someone with ADHD, when I don’t have the time to binge my new book in a single sitting, I have a tendency to forget what happened. That leads me to starting over and rereading things I know I already read, which makes me frustrated with myself. And that causes me to put the book down and, often, forget to come back to it later.

Any other questions? Bring them to the livestream!

Promotional Hype

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Carmilla’s Ghost is now on sale. The paperback version is available all major online retailers, including and at Barnes & Noble. Currently, eBook pre-orders are only available at Amazon and through my webstore.

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