NaNoWriMo “Break” Time

As many know, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and many writers from fiction to nonfiction use this month either to jump start or to restart their muses and get ideas onto the page. Last year, I used this month to draft Carmilla’s Ghost (releasing 9 November – just one week away!). This year, since I have already submitted the draft of Crossroad Blues to my editor, I’m “taking a break” from NANO in the sense that I’m not using it to work on anything connected to The Adventures of Sam Hain. Am I writing this month? Yes, I’m working on a pulp adventure/high fantasy mashup set in the homebrew world I use for D&D.

I’m debating on what I want to do with all of the stories. Perhaps I’ll focus the collection on one character’s exploits, but I may also present the tales of multiple characters – one character as the central figure per story. If I do the former, the stories will each be self-contained but will follow a loose chronology. If I choose the latter path, the stories will be set in different time periods. Maybe I’ll present them chronologically, maybe I won’t.

For those curious, I am also experimenting with “pantsing,” which, for those unfamiliar with the term, means I’m writing without an outline and detailed planning. I am decidedly a “plotter” who obsessively researches and plans everything. And when I return to my main series (Book 4 is already outlined!), I will return to my plotting ways.

For me, this is a break. I’m doing something different and in a different way both to flex my creative muscles and to engage my ADHD. Am I nervous? Oh Hells yeah! I know that I’m liable to forget important details without a plan, but I’m also excited to see where the stories lead. Also, writing short form fiction is a challenge, and so I’m hoping it’s one that pays off.

So, writers, what are you working on this month?

Promotional Hype

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