Writing (with) Cats

My posts tend to focus on writing, books, stories, etc., but I think today, I’ll do something a little more personal. If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you will find that I spend most of my time there sharing photos of my cats. My cats are my babies, and they are a wonderful source of love, comfort, and entertainment. Also, no matter where I choose to write at home, at least one of them has to be near me. Sometimes they snuggle. Sometimes they cause chaos. Always they make me smile; although, sometimes that smile is delayed. So, let’s talk about my two cats, Zuzu and Salem Binx.


Zuzu is the muted calico we got from our local shelter, Cat Haven. She was eight-years-old when we got her, and we’ve had her for four years. Four months after our cat Legsie passed away, a friend of mine, Nicole, convinced me to go to Cat Haven and just look. I finally agreed and drove over there one day when I didn’t have to teach. I didn’t think I was going to find a cat, but my wife was convinced I would. Anyway, I went from room to room, interacting with four to five cats in each room, some adult and some kitten, but none of them caught my eye. In the last room, room 13, this mature calico walked right up to me, hopped into my lap, and gave me kisses. And I took her home.

Zuzu rode in my lap the entire way home. I couldn’t stand her pitiful whines while being in the carrier. She’s a good car baby, usually sitting on the dashboard and curling up for a nap. She’s also the sweet and loving. Her favorite place to nap during the day is on a lap, and when she curls into a lap, she stays there for hours. She’s quiet, almost never making a sound, but her purrs are loud and calming. She also has a case of separation anxiety, and when I’m five minutes late coming home, she paces back and forth by the door, waiting for me.

For those who may be wondering, Zuzu is the primary inspiration for Sandy Paws, the cat Samantha Hain has. I gave Sandy some traits of Legsie and a louder meow, but she is largely based on my sweet angel baby, Zuzu.

Salem Binx

Salem Binx is my little baby. Others, like my wife, may call her a butt, but will always be my little baby brat, the “ickle bickle baby.” Our friend Diane found Salem abandoned in the parking lot of a bar in another city, and she asked us if we knew anyone who could take her, since Diane’s husband is allergic to cats. Salem had ringworm at the time, and, as a result, she had almost no fur on her tail and patches of no fur on her body. Well, of course this little floofy void had to come home to me.

We got her home and set her up in my office. Since I was working from home during the pandemic, I stayed in there for most of the day, every day. I bonded with her. I gave her the medicine so she could get better. During that time, we bonded. Salem isn’t the biggest sofa snuggler, but she loves to curl up beside me and only me at night. And while she’s not always a lap cat (she can be), she has to be in the room with me and within a few feet of me. She follows me to the bathroom. She sits on the pass by our kitchen when I cook. When I’m in my office writing, she sits in the window nook. She’s also a goofy, uncoordinated little thing who only hits her target 50% of the time when she leaps or pounces. And like her mom, she loves carbs and bread.

So, tell me about your pets? I love seeing pictures of other people’s pets too!

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