Serialized Novel: Blood/Lust

Starting today, I will begin posting serialized fictional content on my website. The first up is Blood/Lust, a serialized prequel to Liam’s Doom. This novel takes place five years before my debut novel and focuses on when Samantha Hain first met Carmilla Karnstein and made her ill-advised deal with the devil, offering him a blank check in exchange for an hour-long visit with her mother on her birthday each year. I will be posting one chapter of this Urban Fantasy Mystery/Paranormal Romance each Sunday at noon.

Click here or on the cover image below to visit the serialized fiction page.

Full Moons always bring private investigator Samantha Hain trouble. This sweltering July, she contends with a demonic entity attacking a young girl, a hastily made bargain with the devil, and the attentions of a wealthy, confident vampire.