Updates, Projects, and News

It’s been a while. Pride Month has come and gone, but sales continued steadily. As a result, once my royalty check for June’s sales arrives near the end of this month, I will be donating $100 to the Trevor Project. It’s not a large sum, but as someone who has benefited from their presence, it helps. I ask those who are able and willing to continue supporting this organization and any local organizations helping LGBTQIA+ youth throughout the year.

As far as updates on Nights in Red Velvet, the prequel to Liam’s Doom, I’ve almost finished the first draft. I’m currently on the final chapter, which will be Chapter 11. I promise this chapter will turn things up to 11. Yes, that joke was bankrupt. I’ve moved away from the original plan of a more traditional contemporary romance in favor of writing in my usual style but giving the romance more of a focus than I might normally do. Overall, I’m happy with the story, which takes place about 6 years before Liam’s Doom, covers Sam’s contract with Nick Scratch, and her meeting and the start of her first attempt at romance with the vampire Carmilla. While not part of the official timeline in the series, it will set up a few events that will come to fruition in other books. I’ll talk more about why I moved away from the structure of a romance novel in another post, but I wanted to let you know that the first draft is almost finished, so I’m hoping to update you on its publication soon.

Once I finish this little side project of going back and telling this story, I’ll begin working on Book Three of the main series, tentatively titled Crossroad Blues. This story will be set closer to home, focusing on events in and around Butcher’s Bend, South Carolina. I’m going to add a bit of Southern Gothic to my format while advancing the plot that started in Liam’s Doom and escalated in the upcoming Carmilla’s Ghost (release date 9 November!) I’ve said in the past that I see each story arc as a “season” of a television show, and Books 3 & 4 will be the mid-season cliffhanger special.

Oh! For any who happen to be traveling to MechaCon Omega in New Orleans at the end of July, I plan to make an appearance on Sunday. This is nothing formal, but I’ll be attending the Con after grading my two summer classes. I will be dressed as Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil: Village. I haven’t cosplayed in years, and I thought it time to get back into it. If you’re there, come and say hello.


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