Pride Month Update

Hi, everyone! I know I’ve been absent while the semester wound down, but I’m hoping to be back to regular postings. I wanted to give everyone a little update on things and on what I’m doing for Pride Month.

Pride Month Promotion!

For the month of June, I am giving The Trevor Project half of all royalties earned for the sale of Liam’s Doom as well as half of what I would earn for preorders for Carmilla’s Ghost, which releases on 9 November. The Trevor Project does amazing and important work, so please donate if you can.

eBook Store Open

I have opened a webstore to sell ebooks directly! You can order Liam’s Doom and preorder Carmilla’s Ghost. For the low price of $5.00, you will receive both .epub and .mobi files, allowing you to read my work on both Nook and Kindle as well as on other platforms. So if you want an eBook, want to support a writer directly, and want to avoid giving money to a corporation, this is the way to go!