Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome

As this is my first post here, I thought it best to give everyone an overview of what they will find here. As my bio suggests, I teach at a college, am a huge nerd, and am finishing up my debut novel, which I have been threatening to write for over a decade. Also, I’m a coffee addict and a cat mom.

What kind of posts will you see in my blog?

Well, there will be two general types of posts: (a) posts about writing and storytelling and (b) posts about personal activities, which will most likely involve my cats. The plan for the next few months is to post once or twice per week, as I’m both writing and teaching two summer classes, with the primary focus being posts involving writing. Expect me to talk about story structure, audience expectation, genre, setting/scene, tropes, and cliches frequently. I may even discuss worldbuilding and the differences between writing fiction and planning for Dungeons & Dragons games.

What about feedback?
I welcome reader interaction. Post comments so that we can have conversations. Writing is about communication, and so I want to discuss the things I post with my readers. That said, please keep conversation civil and respectful. I will tolerate no disrespect toward anyone who comments or to myself.
I’m not currently looking for beta readers for my novels, but if you were to volunteer, I would keep you in mind for when I do need them.

Will you edit my manuscript?
Maybe, but it’s not likely right now. I’ve got a lot of deadlines right now, so my free time is limited. I have been a professional editor, but most of my experience in editing is academic nonfiction. That said, if someone were to ask me to edit a document, we would discuss payment, because I am not going to spend the time and my expertise on such a project without compensation. My rates are fair, and I am quick. But I would prefer not to have another deadline.